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вы не представляете, во сколько раз становится больнее, когда видишь, что у единственного близкого тебе человека есть что-то общее с теми, кто так гадко с тобой поступил.

Все свободны.

All the same..

I watched my life going down my hands, through the fingers..
naaa, not again.. Bunny`s sick of being sick.

sitting on the edge of the bath one feels abandoned by the rest of the world.. how does the rest of the world feel?..

stop. Bunny`s won that silly contest. Bunny goes to aquapark. She must only find the third person and all goes right. Why does Bunny feel not very excited about it? May be because of the water?.. The last chanse to have fun.

Now I`m facing all the things of which I can`t tell anybody even crying. How sad.
BUT.. no time to waste..U are becoming a fucking emo.)I wonder if U let me die. so, up we go.


Nobody knows where the wind goes..

Two bullets, your head,
And the agony will end.

"Hatred" is when the hat is red (c)

Don`t want to.. don`t want to..don`t want to.. don`t want to.. don`t want to..
Bunny doesn`t want to neither hear nor see nor.. Doesn`t want to know anything..only one thing. Which moment was the last of hers..I did everything. again. myself. Waaa.. whom am I trying to cheat?!.. that`s not true. For the first time I did nothing, nothing at all, for the first time I`m the.. VICTIM.
The most naughtiest thing is that I made it the part of my own life and now it doesn`t want to get out, trying to take some of the best pieces of it. This fact makes everything even worse..Sometimes I think it would be easier to get rid of all of them.. to be completely alone.

Do nobody any good and they won`t harm you.(c)

It was the last fucking post devoted to that small mishap.

Bunny`s cosplaying..yay!!!

13 апр, 2007

get over it..

Misunderstanding is not a feature of the thing being observed it`s when you are unable to understand it.(c)

I hate people who hurt me only to check if I`m really able to feel pain.
"people do shit to get money to get high to forget the shit they did to get money to get high.."

try, try, try, try to hold on..
I'm a bitch, I'm a lover,I'm a child, I'm a mother,
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream,
I'm nothinґ in between,
You know you wouldn't want it any other way.